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Sumo Sensor Suite

Got the Ping))) finished and working tonight.  It turns out that back in the day when I received this Dorkboard, I had powered it up with a straight 9V battery like an idiot, because I was used to these kinds of boards having some kind of regulation built on them.  Since the Dorkboard takes the minimalist approach to microcontroller design, it does not, in fact, include this feature.  I noticed what I had done when I touched the top of the chip, and nearly lost my fingerprints.  Whoops.

Well, back to my point here.  It turns out that I have at least one bad digital pin on this chip now.  I know this because I fought for almost an hour like an idiot trying to figure out why the Ping wouldn't ping.  I hope that's the only issue I have...

I also got the optical sensors wired and mounted tonight.  They seem to work alright as long as I incorporate some input smoothing across the readings.  If I don't, they seem to pick up every little piece of dust and crap on the bench.  I'll try them out with some black and white paint lines later this week.

So now, it's pretty much up to coding.  Which sucks, because that happens to be my weakest area right now.  Nothing like crunch time for inspiration!

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