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Treaded Tank-like Chassis and Other Such Madness

I decided a few weeks back when I had some spare time that I was going to rebuild the bot chassis design again.  After talking with some guys in the office, and a quick trip to Fry's, I picked up a Tamiya tracked chassis kit, and a dual motor gearbox.

Behold the mighty powers of Google SketchUp!


Again, it will be Arduino based methinks.  The servo on the top platform should be a good spot for some sensors, cameras, death rays to be mounted as well.

On similar, vaguely related topics... I started experimenting with forging and fabrication of steel and aluminum stock again.  I first tested the waters by taking a piece of scrap welding bar and filing out a crude "appendage" for a future project:

The copper piece on the back of the blade is a crunched up pipe cap I mangled.  That skill needs some work.

Next, I went on to a bigger, more interesting project.  I heard old files were a great source of high-carbon steel.  In order to work them, you have to anneal them by getting them cherry red for around 30 minutes or so, then letting it air cool slowly.



Bad phone pictures, but I'm ready to heat treat this sucker and pin in some nice wooden handles.


For the record, the bot name "Mr. Stabby" was around well before the NY Resistor guys made their phone controlled shiv machine.  So I get to use it as well.  :)

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