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Window Managers and Desktop Workflow

I've been playing around with a few tiling window manager options in the last few months to help my workflow on my development laptop. Out of the few I tried, I've gravitated back to the simplicity of configuration in the AwesomeWM. I'm still not convinced I have the most efficient use of workspaces and tiling set up just yet, but I'm getting there. With the baby happily toddling around taking up a majority of my home time these days (has it been that long? Jeebus...) I don't spend nearly as much time hacking on any projects as I used to, but i guess that's the beauty of being able to hop into a config file and poke around when I have a few minutes here and there.

My first iteration was a sort of Deus Ex inspired gold on black thing, but leaning toward readability of very small fonts. It worked out OK, and I may utilize aspects in the future, especially my Conky config.

I'm currently using a TRON inspired blue on black layout, with the gold conky config from earlier. It's working out well so far if I do say so myself. Vim is still just the Mustang theme from deviantArt.

Having 4 seperate workspace configurations available to switch between with a simple two key shortcut to switch to any of them is great. I can use nothing but the command line 99% of the time to access anything I ever need, and almost never touch my trackpad these days. It's quite lovely.